Advice On Trading Stocks

                                            1.)    Watch your trading style: Think hard about what kind of online stock you want to invest in. Would you want day trading where you close out a trade at the end of every day? Or short term trading where you hold a stock several days at a time? Perhaps you’re a weekly trader or a monthly trader. You can always change your mind so don’t be afraid to do so!

2.)    Select a broker that fits your trading style. Day brokers need access to your cellphone, email or any other high-speed device that can get them to you quickly. Weekly or monthly trades can use less interactive brokers. When it comes to the cost of brokers fees and other costs, day trading is the most expensive option.

3.)    Use a low risk high reward method: Stock trading is a risk-reward system. You have to be willing to INVEST to make money! A lot of people do a lot of damage to their account before learning how to win big. Though it might not be the most glamorous way to trade, risk management can help you avoid big time losses

4.)     Make sure your trading method applies for all markets: The stock market doesn’t just go up. It goes down a lot of times also. Sometimes for months or years on end. Use an online stock trading method that takes advantage of both down markets and up markets as you see fit.

5.)    Don’t walk into this market with a big head! Countless times ive seen people think they’re going to make money the first time they do it then get smacked down with minimal or no gain

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