My Success From Trading Stocks


                                   I was a teacher at a local highschool, a normal income, enough to live off of and enjoy my life as I saw fit. Until I started investing. Today my net worth is around 2.5 million, crazy, right? The thing I always looked for was when stocks would fall down to a peak low. Usually that is the best time to buy them because they cant go lower but if they rise your making the most bang for your buck. I contributed the maximum to both my IRA and my 401k and That's truly free money. no risk. I avoided tech companies as I really saw them as huge risks that can crash easily without any warning, take that advice! Its very easy to get lost in the stock market. Some general stocks that are relatively safe to invest in are…Building products, food and staples, and Insurance. All three of these things are used on a day to day basis and serve a very high demand.


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