Things to know about trading

50% Of U.S. Households Invest In The Stock Market
Individuals invest in the stock market directly 401k's IRA's, etc.

It is mainly the mutual funds, who move the market and cause individual stocks to go up and down. Mutual funds are the 800-pound gorillas of the stock market at the end of 2003, mutal funds held more than 1$ trillion dollars worth of stocks.

If investors have learned anything the last few years it's that even with the Dow Jones Average is comprised of only 15 selected stocks. there are more than 4500 different stocks listed on the major U.S. stock exchanges. That makes it possible that in a given time the Dow Jones Average may be flat or down

 Most people lose money by. lack of knowledge, lack of time and effort, lack of a good strategy that works
Can You Beat The Market'
Investing in stocks can be a very rewarding experience, financially and If you do it right. With the right knowledge, and the right strategy, an individual investor can do extremely well in today's stock market,

Common stock represents the majority of stock held by the public. It has voting rights, along with the right to share in dividends.
When you hear or read about “stocks” being up or down, it always refers to common stock.

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